Year One Band

Your son/daughter has expressed an interest in becoming part of our school band program. Here are some facts about the program:

• Lessons will be on a pull-out basis, so students who miss regular class time are responsible for making up any class work which is missed.

• It is expected that students will miss one class a week (the band schedule runs from Monday to Friday, not on the 7 day schedule, and is posted weekly on this website).

• Students will need to rent or purchase their own instruments. In instances where this is not possible, please feel free to contact me. We may be able to assist.

Instrumental music education offers many opportunities for students. I am looking forward to a fun and rewarding year with the students.

To start the process of enrolling in the beginning band program, I ask that you please email me ( Please make Year One Band the subject and include the following in your message:

Student Name:

Homeroom Teacher:

Instrument Preference:

Other pertinent information:

For the instrument preference, please provide three choices, ranked from first choice to third choice. Only instruments from the list below are eligible for participation in the program.





French Horn



Electric Bass (very limited space)

Percussion (Snare Drum) (Percussionists will only require a practice pad and sticks)

This video contains demos of the various instruments.

You may want to check out these links to local music stores that rent band instruments to see the rental/purchase costs. Prices vary based on the instrument.

Long & McQuade School and RTO Rates 2019-2020

Music Collection Rentals

The next step will involve me meeting with the students and determining which instrument they are best suited to play.

Please wait until after I meet with the students to discuss their instrument choice before renting an instrument. If you already own an instrument that you would like your child to play please make a note of that in your email as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to include them in your email.

Craig Follett