Hi Everyone!

(Updated 7:18 p.m. Sunday, June 23)


Band classes have finished for this year. Thanks to everyone for your dedication to our band program. For those moving on to Holy Spirit, thanks for being a part of band at VJH. We will miss you. Come back and visit when you get a chance.


There are some issues with painting our mural so we will have to put that off for now BUT as an alternative that would serve the same purpose, we can take ownership of the bulleting board in the corner by the bench where we wanted to paint the mural. If anyone wants to come in tomorrow to put something together for that, we'd love to see you. Sports Day runs all day but we could spend the afternoon session working on that. Ms. Bowers is out in the morning but will be in for the afternoon and has offerd to lend us her expertise.


All filming for our final project is complete.


VRB will meet on Tuesday. We will setup and practice during periods 5 and 6 on Tuesday. I will be starting setup on Tuesday morning around 10:00 if anyone wants to come in early and give me a hand. We will be playing Numb, Life is a Highway, "Hotel California", and School's Out.

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